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Pay Attention to What Goes on Behind the Curtain!

How a Mobile PMS can Streamline Housekeeping and Enhance the Guest Experience Right now, I want you to picture your favorite hotel. What property or hotel brand, regardless of the destination, has provided you with a consistent, exceptional experience and lasting memories? Once you have something in mind, I want …

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Platform-Thinking: A Powerful Approach to Upselling

Platform thinking has fundamentally changed consumer experience across every industry. According to Vox, Uber conducted research in global markets to measure how long consumers were willing to wait for a ride. Over twelve months, consumer patience with waiting decreased by 30%. Uber, a platform company, requires a complex data set …

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Trends in Events and Meetings That Will Shape 2020

In the events industry, innovation never sleeps, and honestly, event planners probably don’t sleep much either. With each passing year, events seem to get bigger and better, boasting exciting new technology, catering to attendees’ needs in finer detail, and bringing guests together in unique venue spaces for a variety of …

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VTrips Sees 600% Growth in Booking.com Since Partnering with NextPax

Leading global hospitality channel manager strengthens VTrips’ position to accelerate and automate their business NextPax, the most advanced channel management technology provider for hotels, resorts and vacation rentals worldwide, today revealed the results of their partnership with premier property management company, VTrips. Since 2018, NextPax has supported VTrips through connectivity …

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How Mobile has Changed the Guest Journey

Every great trip is comprised of great moments. A breathtaking view, a cherished memory, a feeling of deeper connection, or maybe even the opportunity to ‘disconnect’ from everyday life — each microcosm of a vacation plays a unique and vital role in a traveler’s journey. Each of these numerous touchpoints …

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