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How Technology Can Transform One of Your Hotel’s Most Expensive and Important Departments – Housekeeping

Imagine the following scenario. You’ve just arrived at a hotel you booked online after combing through countless reviews and hotel sites leading up to your business trip. The website boasted cutting-edge amenities and rooms adorned with modern furnishings, sprawling grounds, and an incredible on-property restaurant serving up delicious local cuisine. …

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Rethinking Hospitality Technology: How a Focus On Exemplary Service & Support Drives Customer Retention

Service is king across all industries. Those brands which establish and maintain top-tier service will not only survive but, more importantly, thrive in today’s market. Hoteliers around the globe are investing an increasing amount of capital into the implementation of guest-centric technology. However, it’s important to remember that while hoteliers …

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Balancing Technology with the Human Touch in Hospitality

Recent advances in artificial intelligence promise to revolutionize the hospitality industry, dramatically enhancing personalization, connectivity and revenue generation. But some technology experts ask: Will people still be able to make a difference, or are we entering a brave new world where self-service and intelligent communication platforms completely take over? In …

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