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French hotel group, IDeaS partner on revenue management

Les Hotels Baverez, a luxury hotel group based in Paris, has selected IDeaS G3 revenue-management system to improve its forecasting capabilities and boost its competitiveness.

With three hotels in the French capital, Les Hotels Baverez will implement the RMS technology to ensure revenue is maximized in all its 233 rooms.

Working in an increasingly competitive market: Rising competition within the luxury segment of the Paris market highlighted the importance of employing a more scientific approach to revenue management.

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Centralizing forecasting: Historically, demand forecasting has been a time-consuming task, with revenue managers spending too much time studying individual spreadsheets from each hotel. The implementation of IDeaS G3 RMS will centralize the reporting and forecasting processes and introduce a more refined, efficient and scientific approach to their work.

Stress-testing pricing strategies: IDeaS G3 RMS will allow the revenue team to test the impact of different pricing strategies using the “what if” functionality. By running different theoretical scenarios, they will be able to simulate the impact that pricing, demand, overbooking and wash have on forecast and pricing before introducing a live change.

“The ability of IDeaS G3 RMS to instantly produce forecasts based on scientific analysis will give us strategic advantages,” said Laurent Lozano-Carpio, yield manager for Les Hotels Baverez. “In a highly competitive market, IDeaS will give us all the tools to optimise the revenue of our three hotels and to better understand the behavior of our clients.”


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