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Voltage Optimization Solutions Now Available for Hotels Across North America

Onsite Utility Services Capital

Onsite Utility Services Capital (OUS Capital) continues to push forward its commitment to hotel energy efficiency by launching an innovative solution that reduces electricity spend while extending the life-expectancy of equipment: Voltage Optimization.

The average voltage supplied to most hotels in the U.S. is approximately 493 volts – but the HVAC motors, lighting and other equipment they use are optimized at 460 volts.   That oversupply of voltage is much more than the hotel actually needs – but the electric company still charges the hotel for the entire supply, even though they only use a portion of it.

Voltage optimization addresses this issue by constantly regulating the electricity supply coming into the hotel, so it gets precisely the right amount of voltage needed to power lights, equipment, HVAC, and anything else using electricity.  The hotel ends up only paying for the energy it actually needs and uses.

“Voltage optimization is commonly recognized as a proven and reliable way for hotels to reduce the amount of money they are paying for electricity,” says Fritz Kreiss, CEO of OUS Capital.

“By making sure a hotel is only paying for the electricity it actually uses – and nothing more – they can see their electric costs drop from 5 to 13%.  There is no easier, faster way for a hotel owner or operator to immediately reduce their electricity spend. In addition to reducing their carbon footprint.”

With voltage optimization, equipment lasts significantly longer because it operates as efficiently as possible at all times, which lowers replacement and maintenance costs.  Additionally, voltage optimization uses intelligent electronic controls that automatically adjusts the voltage to a constant level, reducing or even eliminating spikes and sags from affecting electrical equipment.

OUS Capital will also offer voltage optimization through its Energy Savings as a Service program.  Through Energy Savings as a Service, an entire hotel property can undergo a complete energy efficiency upgrade, using modern and cutting-edge efficiency options, with the entire cost of the upgrade project fronted by OUS Capital – the client pays for the upgrade costs only from the savings the upgrade generates.  And, it’s not a loan, so it does not attach as a debt on their balance sheet.

“With the rapidly changing competitive landscape for hotels to find effective ways to boost profits, our voltage optimization program is easily one of the best solutions to come along in a very, very long time,” said Kreiss.

More information about OUS Capital’s Voltage Optimization program can be found by emailing info@ouscapital.com or visiting www.onsiteutilityservices.com.

About Onsite Utility Services Capital
Since 1993, OUS Capital has been dedicated to unlocking the power of energy efficiency for businesses and institutions nationwide through innovative solutions that lower energy consumption, reduce energy spend, and increase profits. The company’s exceptional staff of energy experts help clients accomplish their energy efficiency objectives through their Energy

Savings as a Service program.  They can be reached at info@ouscapital.com.

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