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Spotlight Interview: Gautam Lulla, CEO of Pegasus

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industry experience spanning the breadth of the hotel reservations and distribution technology industry. He has worked on three different continents: the Taj Group of Hotels in India, Pegasus Solutions in the U.S. and Amadeus IT in France. He joined Travel Tripper in 2008 and spearheaded the company’s growth as a leading provider of hotel distribution and marketing solutions. Gautam led the 2019 merger between Travel Tripper and Pegasus, which combined Travel Tripper’s award-winning CRS, booking engine and e-commerce solutions with Pegasus’s GDS and global sales solutions and business intelligence tools.

It was announced in November that the combined Travel Tripper and Pegasus entity will retain the Pegasus name while introducing a new vision and rebranded platform that draws from both companies’ respective strengths. What’s the new vision?

Our vision is to be the #1 choice for hotels when it comes to distribution and e-commerce solutions. We want to be the most preferred vendor to our customers by having the best solutions in the industry — that means the best technology, the best features and functionality, and the best service and support.

Has the new vision been fully implemented or is that still a work in progress?

Bringing together two companies and two systems is never a simple task. Right now one of our main priorities is creating the most robust CRS platform in the industry. Not only are we working to bring together the best features from both the Pegasus and Travel Tripper platforms, we are also simultaneously building out improvements across the entire system, including better distribution capabilities, a more user-friendly admin interface, and an improved booking engine design.

Can you walk us through the rebranded platform? What are the key capabilities and customer benefits?

The Pegasus Platform brings together Travel Tripper’s award-winning CRS, booking engine, website and digital marketing solutions with Pegasus’ popular GDS and global sales solutions and business intelligence tools. Whether it’s strengthening direct bookings, optimizing channel mix, or securing lucrative corporate and consortia business, our platform offers the scalability and flexibility for hotels to execute complex distribution, e-commerce, and sales and marketing strategies easily and successfully.

What types of hotels, resorts and/or other properties are likely to benefit most from the new Pegasus strategy and platform capabilities?

With the innovative capabilities in distribution and e-commerce that Travel Tripper has brought to the table, combined with our five-star service, the new Pegasus is an ideal choice for mid-sized brands and hotel groups. We are there for the hotels that not only need best-in-class multi-property technology, but also want stellar customer service with prompt support and knowledgeable expertise. In fact, our service is one of the primary reasons that many of our top clients have stayed with us for many years.

Additionally, Travel Tripper had prior to the merger developed a number of unique casino loyalty features and integrations for the CRS, which had helped the company to gain a significant market share of casino hotels and integrated resorts in the U.S. (31% share or 85,000 rooms). Under the new Pegasus platform, we plan to continue expanding the functionality available to these types of hotels, which have been greatly underserved in terms of technology.

What are the results of your solution in terms of ROI? Are hoteliers able to track and measure the financial outcomes?

The goal of any CRS is to help hoteliers maximize their revenue and profitability by helping them increase overall demand to their hotel, while driving as much business as possible to their most profitable channels. Our technology and services are designed to help hotels do that, from generating demand for the direct and GDS channels, while also shifting business from high-cost OTA channels to more profitable channels. Hoteliers can track performance through our Distribution Analytics platform, which allows hotels to drill into historic, future and pace bookings at a highly granular level.

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