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Diversity and Inclusion in Travel


In an industry where the customer reigns supreme, diversity and inclusion can give your business a massive competitive edge – connecting more closely with customers, becoming a magnet for prized talent and ultimately boosting your bottom line.

Drawing on a far-reaching survey of businesses from across the travel industry, a new report produced by PwC in partnership with TTG Media looks behind the PR to see how far travel has really come and what more needs to be done to make diversity and inclusion a reality.

How far has the industry come?

The survey was designed to gauge maturity of travel businesses across four key dimensions of diversity and inclusion (see graphic). The result is a progress evaluation from simplistic to leading in each of the four dimensions:

* This includes a range of different firms in the travel sector such as recruitment, training and PR

How does travel compare to other industries?

Travel is a long way behind the 70% par rating for other industries surveyed by PwC. Behind the average scores, there is a wide gulf in the ratings, with a number of travel companies scoring ‘advanced’ across the board and others ‘simplistic’. With the travel industry lagging behind other sectors, the need for a rethink of attitudes to diversity and inclusion and action to tackle barriers is becoming ever more pressing.

Click here ( Adobe Acrobat PDF file) to download the complete article.

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